Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Bob Schieffer...again!

How lucky am I to go TCU! Every year Bob Schieffer brings a fantastic panel of professional journalists to the Schieffer symposium. This year's symposium was right up my alley! It was all focused on election coverage. John Harris, a co-founder of Politico was one of the panelists. As a self proclaimed political junkie Politico is basically my life blood. Not only did I get to share a room with him but I actually talked to him for about 15 minutes!!! HOW COOL?! Plus, Chuck Todd, my crush from the MSNBC's "The Rundown" was part of the panel.

A huge focus of the Symposium was the damage to Romney during the primary and how/if he can come back. I was surprised to hear many panelists give Romeney a serious chance in the general election.

There was also some speculation about potential Republican Vice Presidential candidates. I was glad to hear Kelly Ayotte come up but I have to agree with most panelists who said they thought we will see more action from her next election cycle.

Basically getting to talk to 3 of my favorite people in the business personally (Chuck Todd, Bob Schieffer and John Harris) was just about a dream come true!

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